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Investing in Forex is safe - Starting forex is a good idea

Once the summer vacation, the usual section dealing with notions of trading and operational in financial markets is going to take a somewhat different course. After settling those that are the main bases of the philosophy and approach of the trading, touches to land all that to the practice of the day to day.

But as anyone who approaches the markets to try to get some profit from their savings, we will stop for a moment to ask the question that almost all are made before starting to invest money in the market: in what market will I operate? Actions, CFD's, Futures...? I advance the election: Forex. And now I explain why starting Forex trading is a good idea

What is Forex? ...

Forex is nothing but the world currency market. Not only is it a global market, it is the largest and most liquid market in the world, where trillions of dollars are negotiated every day. That guarantees that whenever we want to sell there will be buyer, and whenever we want to buy there will be seller. Having a counterpart is a fundamental thing to be able to carry out a smooth operation, and Forex is a market in which this is one of its main characteristics.

It is also important to note that, as we discussed in the last article, the operation in markets with large volumes of negotiation is much more "normal", dificultándose the manipulation of prices by the strong hands that move large quantities of Money. In this way, the movements that are seen in the market are less random, something that we will certainly appreciate in our initial steps

Not to lose 90% of the capital in the first 90 days

Ero The main reason why it is highly recommended to start the wandering in the world of trading in a market like Forex is nothing other than the economic, and more specifically in terms of risks is concerned.

You have heard on many occasions that 90% of people who approach markets lose 90% of their capital in the first 90 days. Well, that's precisely what you have to try to avoid, and Forex makes it relatively easy to do it

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