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THE best FOREX TRADING strategies

A successful Forex trading strategy will greatly increase your profits and mitigate your risks, which is ideal for any financial operator.

While it is impossible to identify a single strategy as the best of all, we will present some of the most profitable so you can try them on your own and determines the most suitable for your particular case


First, it is worth clarify why people are trading currency or in general, of any other financial instrument. There are two main reasons that lead people to enter financial markets:

Coverage refers to an operation of protection that usually carry out the companies with businesses in other countries. These companies receive money in foreign currency, but should be protected from Forex fluctuation. In this case, they enter the currency market and open an operation so that the value of payments is not affected by changes in the exchange rates of currencies.

On the other hand, speculation is the activity that the traders carry out and consists of forecasting prices of currencies in order to generate profits. It is here where come in FX trading strategies.

Trading strategies are a series of predefined rules that allowed operators to open and close positions and, ultimately, make money. These strategies can be found easily on the Internet, although not all are equally cost-effective nor efficient.

Then we'll look at some of the most profitable strategies that you can find


This is a brief list of trading strategies that work. There are thousands of operators all around the world that them have been used successfully over the years.

Keep in mind that it is important that you try the strategies in a demo account before using real money.

Strategy BladeRunner
This strategy is based on price action and today, is one of the most used in the trading community. BladeRunner is a method of trading which applies to all the time frames and currency pairs, which has possibly contributed to its great attraction.

Daily pivots Fibonacci strategy
This currency trading strategy combines setbacks Fibonacci in a daily temporality and the extensions to perform foreign exchange operations. While usually applies to the temporality of 1 day, occasionally used in period of 1 week or 1 month.

The rebound Bolly band strategy
Without a doubt, one of the best strategies for trading Forex you can find. Rebound Bolly band strategy uses Bollinger bands in order to perform operations on markets in range.

Superposition of Fibonacci strategy
This strategy enjoys a great popularity, but necessary that you combine it with other technical indicators to improve its reliability. Currently, it is one of the most used in the trading community.

Pop 'n' Stop strategy
Pop 'n' Stop strategy basically consists of taking advantage of the price rebounds. Unfortunately, this method works very rarely.

Forex Fractals strategy
The Forex Fractals strategy is based on the fractal geometry; a very interesting concept that you must definitely study.

Previous strategies can provide great benefits to operators who apply them correctly. Then, we will discuss two strategies of trading currency than they have historically been generously profitable


The scalping is one of the most successful trading strategies of all time. The goal of this method is to open a lot of operations in the shortest possible time to get multiple small gains.
I is common for scalping operators to carry out hundreds of operations throughout the day, so this is an approach that some consider to be tiring and unentertained. Still, it is undoubtedly that the scalping is one of the best Forex strategies due to the large profits it can generate in a short time.
As mentioned above, in this strategy FX the goal is to get a huge amount of small profits throughout the day of trading. Another feature of the scalping is that operations are never left open overnight in order to avoid costs for swaps (interest rates).
This is one of the best FX strategies because it allows you to generate multiple utilities in a very simple way


This is a strategy of trading in Forex which is the opposite of scalping. In the positional trading, your goal is to open operations that remain open for extended periods of time, such as a week, a month, or years.

Unlike the scalping, positional trading you don't have to spend several hours in front of a computer; what you should do is to open a position and wait to take advantage of a trend during a long period of time. This makes it the best Forex trading strategy for people with little time.

In the positional trading used leveraged low in order to withstand the volatility of the market. Similarly, it is necessary to pay attention to the swaps, since they may end up adversely affecting the utility's operations.

Learn this Forex trading strategy is a good idea if you're a patient and with much capital operator. While it is a very cost-effective method, you can become emotionally frustrating. Keep in mind that there are periods with floating loss and you have to wait several weeks to see some utilities.

Similarly, it is very important in positional trading that you carry out an in-depth analysis of the market. Understand all the fundamental factors affecting the currency in the long term is vital in this style of trading, will ultimately determine your utilities.

Apply the positional trading strategy is quite simple:

Is a currency pair that has good volatility in the long run, but few fluctuations in the short term
It analyzes the economic factors that can affect the prices of the currencies of the pair
Calculate a volume suitable for the transaction
Find a point of balance between the profits from the operation and swaps

Opens the operation and expected

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