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TRADING on line

What is the 'on line' trading?

«On line» trading we make when we buy or sell financial instruments quoted on stock exchange, using a platform that provides us with a broker. In these cases we do not need to go to the offices of the financial intermediary; not even talking on the phone in the past to ask them that mess our orders in the market, just ' click ' with our computer mouse.

New technologies have opened the door to the popularization of the trading. Everything can be done from home. The internet has been the? € guilty? € of this revolution. Before the trading was only for the financial elite; Hence high lack of knowledge that most of the citizens have in the stock market world.

Do currently purchase and sale of securities data intersect on computers located in the basement of the trading venues around the world.?

Wall Street, considered the most famous bag in the world, has a computer world in his basement. The operational translated into 0 and 1 pass through the connection of Internet of the seabed in the Atlantic. The submarine cables are the information superhighway. When a trader operates from his home in American markets you will receive real time through these highways. Trading «on line» is of vital importance: the delay in the received signal. A few seconds of delay can be vital when placed many orders in the market. The entrance of the operations going by order of arrival; for this reason, many homes of brokers and institutional place their computers under stock most important offices in the world. Receive orders crossing information in nanoseconds can change the entrance of a large investment fund positions.

Four requirements are required to be trader «on line»: a personal computer (preferably a laptop), hire the services of a broker that provide you the trading platform and real-time, use of capital that is not needed for first payments need and can be in an environment of 5,000 euros. and most importantly, possess what the Americans call 'Knowledge' or the knowledge of how to do trading.


Automated agents or «high-frequency trading» have replaced human beings. 70 percent of global orders are placed by computers programmed by computer traders. They belong to institutional: banks, pension funds... There is a loophole in its regulation that allows them to be at the cutting edge of legality

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